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Arts & Crafts... ranging from sculpture in wood and earth and stone to performance, dance and poetry. Together we can build living willow sculpture at your event, school or centre... a turf labyrinth... a sculpture trail... an Iron Age roundhouse... A Saxon long house... A Viking ship... a bread oven... a standing stone or a stone circle... all enriching community and heritage, nature awareness and sense of place, creativity and education.

Expressing oneself can take many forms... sculpture, dance, performance, music, poetry, song, writing, ritual, print, drama and film.... drawing water from all the five streams of the senses and the sacred pool of wisdom at the centre.

As a contemporary artist and musician the ongoing work explores relationships between culture and nature, the journey of the soul, alchemy, folklore and the landscape. Projects include: a hedge labyrinth of laid willow trees. This has an elder tree at the centre; A coracle pilgrimage upon the River Thames, social sculpture inviting prayers for peace from all creeds, colours and classes along the river banks from a spring to the sea in an ecological craft; A ritual medieval style feast of St. Margaret of Antioch in collaboration with artist and food activist Miche Fabre-Lewin; Two Labyrinths- one of turf and tree celebrating the plant kingdom... aligned with another of stone celebrating the mineral kingdom.






photo by Malcolm

'Crooked Sixpence' Chris Park & Justine Hart- delivering traditional

and original music, songs and story at Church House, Hughendon...




Turf labyrinth under construction at Whitlenge Gardens in Worcestershire... designed and built by Chris Park of Acorn Education... collaborating with Keith Southall of Creative Landscapes on materials... the paths are made of red gra and the standing stones are welsh slate....



In collaboration with and service to Miche Fabre-Lewin, the Creatrix of ritual feasts and Deep Soup Ceremony... a feast, sotlety and spectacle in honour of St. Margaret of Antioch at St. Margarets Church, Rishangles, Suffolk... as part of 'Home Suffolk'

Miche Fabre-Lewin, artist, cuisiniere and food activist can be contacted on 07734049407


Making of the horsehide coracle for the Pilgrimage for Peace

To read the diary of this peace pilgrimmage click here


Clay Bread Oven & Small Reed Thatched Round House



Wheat Thatched Round House at Westcott School, Bucks... with standing stone.


Charcoal Clamp


Earth & Clay Pots


Willow work