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Workshops and projects for Schools

Nature Awareness
(Little Owl in bone oak)

Crafts, games and techniques to cultivate ones sensory perception of the natural world. Great for summer school activities, art, drama and roleplay. Learn the identification and uses of trees, plants, minerals and animals, combined with folklore, story and song.

(a weasel hunting a rabbit)


Ancient Technology & Experimental Archaeology

Alchemy, Charcoal, Paper & Bread......is an assortment of workshops on primitive charcoal making, earth oven building, bread making, paper making and alchemy for schools art and colleges. This experience enables artists of all ages and abilities to reach a grass roots level of mark making. Creating charcoal from willow to draw with and from other woods to be used in primitive forges or ovens.

This is a multi-faceted, interactive learning tool... experience the making of artists willow charcoal and charcoal fuel, organic paper, a clay oven and organic
bread. Throughout this process the participants will learn primitive fire making skills and fire safety, tree identification and nature awareness skills, charcoal making, the origins of chemistry and alchemy, paper making, oven building, clay sculpture, processing grain into flour, bread making and drawing with charcoal.

This workshop is relevant to ecology, geography, renewable energy, archaeology, history, chemistry, physics and art. The oven will become a community resource for your school or centre. We will run a drawing workshop using your homemade willow charcoal. Some of the earliest cave art was drawn
using charcoal. This will bring to life the history of the uses of charcoal for fuel, art and gunpowder. This series of workshops may be booked all together or
individually. This may last from one day to one week.

Experimental Archaeology Workshops include Tanning and Curing hides, Charcoal making, Willow work, Wattle and Daub, Cookery, Ovens and Pots, Stone Tools, Bone Tools, Wood work, Metal work and more.

Coracle Colloquy

These are light weight flat bottomed boats, made of wooden poles and skinned with waterproofed material or cow hide. Learn how to make your own whilst
developing poetic knowledge and skill on a workshop combining poetry, the art of colloquy and ancient technology


Ali The Chemist

This eccentric Alchemist will guide you through the elements and origins of chemistry.

Learn the powers of fermentation using nature's harvest... the powers of friction and combustion using ancient fire lighting skills... the processes of decomposition, composting and primitive smithcraft.

Ali will visit your school and bring his travelling alchemy workshop.


Ivan on the Penny Hooks Brook



Horn made of willow bark, pinned together with haw thorns,

blown for May Day celebrations.






Photos by Neil Pinnock and Chris Park






Setting a knife into an antler handle with pine resin, bees wax and charcoal powder.




Charcoal earth clamp.




Layered reed thatch, all scythed by hand (Westmill Farm Nature Awareness & Ancient Technology Centre, Oxon) & brushed up straw thatch (Westcott School, Bucks).

Standing the stone...

Bedgrove School

Hermitage built for The Natural House Project at Compton Verney June 2007

Ancient style crib.

...Niamh Seren Lyra asleep.

Stone celt, stone quern, bone comb and pot decorated with roe deer tracks.


Cordage from roe deer sinews...

...and needles from the bone made with a stone tools - hammer, axe, scrapers, drills and burins.


Primitive tools, cordage, buckskin and bark.



Making a Coracle from Willow and Hide.

...green willow framework...

Rawhide used to tension the frame and the seat...

The horse hide is salted and de-fleshed with flint and bone tools

Strips of hide are cut to sew the hide to the frame...


Willow bark is used as cordage...

The finished coracle made with just willow & horse hide.



Willow Canoe/Kyak built in collaboration with Edwin Deady of dark-age-boats.co.uk based upon

the dimensions of a bronze age boat grave.


Small oven


Some simple pottery


Barn Owl, a morning hunter....